Services & Product List

Services & Product List

Expert Advice for Marine Electronics Solution

Expert Advice

Our staff has the product knowledge and experience to help you find the right solution:

  • Over 40 years in the marine electronics business
  • Outfitted thousands of sail and power boats

System Integration

We tailor our system integration services to your needs:

  • Component Integration (individual electronics)
  • Full-system integration (electronics package)

Espar Heaters

Roton Industries Ltd. is Western Canada's exclusive marine Espar distributor. We have been supplying Espar heaters to the marine industry for over 35 years, offering the complete line of Espar diesel-fired air and hot-water heaters.

  • Sales
  • Installation
  • Repairs
Air heaters

Roton Industries Ltd. offers 4 models of Espar air heaters (available in a wide range of thermal outputs). Espar's air heaters are controlled by a thermostat, adjusting the amount of warm air transferred into the cabin. To learn how Espar air heaters work, visit the Espar website.

Boat Length Model

18' to 28' (5 to 9 meters) Airtronic 2
28' to 36' (9 to 11 meters) Airtronic 4
36' to 42' (11 to 13 meters) Airtronic 5 - D5LC
42' to 52' (13 to 16 meters) D8LC

Hot water heaters

Roton Industries Ltd. offers 5 models of Espar hot water (Hydronic) heaters (available in a wide range of thermal outputs). Espar's hot water heaters transfer heat throughout the boat and can be integrated into your domestic hot water systems to provide a constant supply of hot water. To learn how Espar hot water heaters work, visit the Espar website.

Boat Length Model

20' to 28' (6 to 9 meters) Hydronic 4
28' to 40' (9 to 12 meters) Hydronic 5
40' to 50' (12 to 15 meters) Hydronic 10
50' to 60' (15 to 18 meters) Hydronic 12
60' or longer (18 + meters) Hydronic 16/24/30/35

Espar's benefits

Espar is the largest manufacturer of compact fuel operated air and hot water heaters. For over 60 years Espar has been providing heaters to commercial and recreational boaters around the world.

  • Low amperage and fuel consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Eliminates condensation
  • Minimum 1 year parts and labour warranty

To learn more about Espar's marine heaters, visit the Espar website